• Jonas Jasinskas
    Jonas is a Level II coach and referee. He was a speedskater with the Cambridge club and has relocated to London with his family. Jonas innocently asked about signing up his daughter for speedskating and was quickly drafted to work with our beginner skaters. Jonas’ humour and patience serve him well working with this group.
  • Penny Hilliker
    Penny is a trained FUNdamentals coach.  She has led a Learn-to-Skate program using speed skating technique in Aylmer for many years.  After connecting with LSSC, it didn’t take long for her to trade her hockey skates for speed skates and join the LSSC coaching team for part of last season.  She’s excited to be coaching skaters in the first hour on Tuesdays this season, as well as leading some stretching and dryland training sessions. Penny enjoys teaching skating skills to students at McGregor in Aylmer where she is a Phys. Ed. and Special Education teacher.
  • Dan Curtis
    Dan was a speed skater with the London Speed Skating Club for many years, and recently returned to the club with his family. Dan has completed FUNdamentals, Intro to Competition, and joined our coaching team in 2015-2016.
  • Benton McNicol
    Benton is a competitive speed skater with our club, and has served as a member of our junior Coaching Assistants for fours years, and as a Special Olympics coach since the 2014-2015 season. You can recognize Benton as our skater with the distinctive SpongeBob Squarepants helmet cover.

Coaching Assistants
Several of our club’s intermediate and senior skaters support our coaches and provide weekly mentorship for the beginner and novice skaters, or help out with our seasonal Learn to Speed Skate Program. In the past several seasons, we have extended our thanks to Elizabeth Cunnington, Daniel Trudell, Dillon Schrijver, Pietr Regnault, Bella Yeo and others who have helped our coaching team to get our newest and youngest skaters turning left and going fast.

Thanks to our past club coaches for your contributions!

    • Shauna Van Lierop
      Shauna is a Level II Coach, a former London skater and attends the University of Windsor. She coaches and trains our Special Olympic athletes. Her enthusiasm and energy provides these skaters much needed encouragement.
    • Cristine de Clercy 
      Cristine started figure skating at 3 years of age, then switched to speed skating at age 11. She trained with the Saskatoon Lions Speed Skating Club, which has regularly sent skaters to the Olympics since 1948, for ten years. Cristine skates short track and long track. She has held provincial and Canadian championships in outdoor and indoor distances, and competed regularly at regional, national and international meets.
    • Kristi Copeland
      Kristi is an NCCP Level III coach. She began skating with the club in 1988 and gradually became involved in a coaching capacity. You will find Kristi working with our Elite skaters as well as helping out with our Intermediate skaters. Kristi’s vast knowledge serves her well. She has coached Ontario teams in both short and long track at National championships on numerous occasions. Most recently, Kristi was named to coach the Ontario long track team at the 2015 Canada Winter Games.
    • Aloka Wijesooriya
      Aloka Wijesooriya coached with the London Speed Skating Club (LSSC) for several years while attending Western University. A retired competitive short track speed skater; she brought enthusiasm and organization to our club. Prior to joining the LSSC team she coached and competed with the Iqaluit Speed Skating Club. Currently, Aloka is a Trained National Coaching Certification Program (Level 2) Introduction to Competition Coach. She is an enthusiastic person who believes it is a privilege to coach future speed skaters the techniques and life-skills involved with the sport of speed skating. Best wishes to Aloka in her current and future endeavours!