London Speed Skating Competitions Ontario

The London Speed Skating Club will be hosting West Region Series Meet #3, December 10, 2016.

The London Speed Skating club is also proud to be hosting the Provincial B/C Championships, March 17-18 2017.

Both of these meets are sanctioned by the Ontario Speed Skating Association.

Other meet dates hosted across Ontario are listed in this PDF:

Competition calendar_2016_2017

Below you can find the links to the official meet information sites from our parent organization, the Ontario Speed Skating Association (OSSA).

London Speed Skating Competitions Ontario

Meets: For any of our new families and as a reminder for all of our families, skaters are welcome to skate at ANY of the Western Regional Meets as long as they meet the age requirements below. Parents of new skaters wish to know when a skater is ready to race in a meet. Generally they are ready when they want to race. Regional Meets are usually one day meets while the Provincial Meets are two days. Skaters in meets will require a standard set of equipment, including a speed skating helmet and kevlar ankle protectors – if you have never been in a meet and are considering your first one, ask for an equipment review with one of our coaches.

Technical Bulletins outlining competition-related information can be found on the Ontario Speed Skating Association (OSSA) website.