We follow safety protocols to keep our members safe during practices and meets. Protocol requirements for safety from our provincial association are available here.

Safety equipment for the skater

Skaters of all ages and abilities wear helmets, cut-proof gloves and ankle guards, knee pads, and shin guards to all practices and meets. Elbow pads are recommended. Goggles and full cut-resistant undersuits are required at higher levels of competition. We will review your individual requirements with you when you register for skating for the first time. If you are new to speed skating, check out the equipment list here.

Safety equipment installed on the ice

Thick crash mats are installed around the outer walls of the arena for every practice and meet. Our mat system is compliant with requirements from the Ontario Speed Skating Association. If you look closely, you will see a special double mat system in some corners, which absorb skater movement in the highest-speed locations.

Concussion Safety

Our club complies with Rowan’s Law and all skaters and coaches commit to codes of conduct. These procedures are specified by our provincial association.


Our club complies with our provincial association’s Covid-19 Return to Sport Protocol, available here. We have formed a Safety Committee, who have implemented protocols for daily self-assessments, check-ins, contact tracing, mask rules, and ordered supplies for infection control. We are committed to a high level of organizational compliance with Covid-19 requirements from our facilities, our city and health unit, and from the Ontario Speed Skating Association. Questions about this may be directed to: safety.londonspeedskating@gmail.com.

The London Speed Skating Club strongly encourages all members and registrants, attending parents/guardians and our own coaches and volunteers to obtain vaccination whenever medically eligible.

We are conducting skate sizing offsite, using an outdoor location with masks on sizers and skaters. Hand sanitizer is available.

Our Covid-19 procedures for regular season skating are:

What should I do before I arrive?

  • You should know about correct handwashing, physical distancing, mask use, and self-monitoring. This information is available from Public Health Ontario:

    What should I bring? Who can come?

    • Skaters and coaches should come as dressed as possible and ready to skate – no street clothes. They can put their skates, helmets, neck guard, and gloves on in the changeroom.
    • One parent or guardian per skater under the age of 18 can enter the arena. After the skater is ready to go, parents are required to exit the arena until practice is finished/time to tear down pads.
    • Bring and wear face masks for everyone. Masks must be worn at all times. Skaters are required to bring their mask on the ice and wear at all times unless directed otherwise by coaches (cardio laps, or similar) or when taking a drink.
    • A personal supply of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in their bag.
    • It is recommended to bring a resealable bag or other closed container that you keep. Dispose of any tissues or used disinfectant wipes in this bag.

    What time should I come? What if we are late?

    • Be at the arena twenty minutes before the start of your scheduled skate time to clear your COVID check-in. You can’t arrive late (arena rule). Come back for twenty minutes before the end of the practice.

    What door should I use?

    • At Western Fair: Use the Tony’s arena door, which is the side downstairs door that we often used last year (bottom of the ramp). The arena has a check-in desk just inside the door. Follow the green arrows on the floor, which will take you past our hallway and swing you back around to our change rooms.
    • At Carling Arena: Use the main door. We will check in as a group and one LSSC member will sign us in. We proceed to change rooms as a group.
    • You will be directed to exit the arena via the side door at Carling Arena onto the West parking lot.

    What are the check-in procedures?

    • There will be a LSSC volunteer taking attendance and who will verify your completion of the self-screening and perform a temperature check.
    • We will check that you are wearing masks and provide hand sanitizer station

    Can skaters wait on the bench?

    • No. Stay out of the bench area in between hours to allow arena staff to clean benches.

    Can skaters use the dressing rooms?

    • Yes but only for getting ready, not for visiting or chatting.
    • Parents to help kids get skates tied – skaters should otherwise come as dressed as possible, ready to skate
    • There will also be room at Carling outside the change room to help tighten skates
    • A maximum of ten people can be in the change room at once.

    Should I help with mats?

    • Yes, and this is required for all physically able parents for pre-season and regular season. You must sanitize your hands before and after, and wear a mask. Please come appropriately dressed (casual and with proper footwear) to help with pads.
    • Please do not leave the arena until you have checked in to see if any help is needed.

    Can I stay to watch practice?

    • Yes.

    Can skaters leave early?

    • If a skater needs to leave early for another obligation, they are requested to leave on the hour, not midway through the hour. This is out of respect for other facility users whose assigned ice times are staggered vs. ours, who will also be coming/going from the arena.

    What equipment cleaning procedures will be used?

    • We must use as little shared equipment as possible. All shared equipment (e.g., track markers) will be cleaned or disinfected/placed in storage at the end of practice. Mats will be cleaned if a crash occurs. Volunteers will be scheduled for these jobs and approved cleaning supplies will be provided.
    • We will provide hand sanitizer for use before and after mat moving, by rinkside, and disinfectant wipes at rinkside, and disinfectant spray available for use as needed.