London Speed Skating Ontario

Equipment: Speed skating equipment can be ordered online and advice is available through club members. Most meets feature a booth provided by a speed skating equipment distributor, who typically sell skates, helmets, and accessories. Equipment can be purchased by contacting Shoie Creations, who have relocated from Cambridge to Cochrane, Alberta or by contacting Mitchell Schrum in Kitchener: Online stores for speed skating equipment include Nagano Sports,  ZT Sports, the Oval Skate Shop, and Red River Speed.

Gloves: It can be hard to figure out your size online, and speed skating gloves can be expensive. One entry-level option is to order the $15 gloves from No Cry on Amazon. These are grey knitted cut-resistant gloves that come in tiny sizes – we have four sizes for try-ons at the club. Please note that white gloves are required if your skater will enter meets, but this is a good practice or starter glove option. Similar white gloves made from Dyneema fabric are also available online.

Clubwear and Skinsuits:  We typically order clubwear (hoodies, jackets) as a group order once per season. Racing suits are also ordered once per season. In the 2021 season this will take place in early October.