London Speed Skating Ontario

Equipment: The closest supplier in SouthWestern Ontario is Paul Shoebridge – Shoei creations in Cambridge, he and his wife Jacky have a business out of their home. They also set up a sales table at most of the meets in the Western Region. Buying at the meets can be a good idea for items that you want to try on for size (like helmets). Phone – 1-519-658-6354, website: . Il Peloton in Ottawa is the next closest provider.

Club Jackets:  These are provided through Pete’s Sports on Oxford Street. They can be ordered at any time. Pete’s usually stocks sample jackets for trying on, or speak to a member of the executive for assistance. We typically order a batch of jackets in the fall.

Skinsuits: In the 2014-2015 season we re-designed our racing suits with help from Apogee. Please contact a member of executive for information on ordering. Racing suits are not required for all meets, and are generally ordered once per season.